Hello! My name is Max. I'm a University of Michigan graduate (go blue!). My interests include computer networking, computer and network security, web systems, and machine learning. I work with Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan to develop and maintain their website. I recently worked under Dr. Michalis Kallitsis on two research projects: exploring new methods of anomaly detection for the future "smart" power grid and a real-time, community-based, network anomaly detection system. I'll soon begin work as a software engineer with Facebook where I worked as an intern in the past. As an intern, I contributed to a distributed publisher-subscriber data streaming system known as Wormhole.

If you don't find me doing one of the aforementioned things, then you can probably find me buried in my computer customizing my desktop (admittedly, I'm a slight linux hobbyist), tinkering with a technology I'm unfamiliar with, or working on a project.

Aside from programming and tech-stuff, I'm a musician, avid reader, and skateboarder. I love going to local shows to see my favorite bands perform live!